> *Subject:* Re: [twsocket] Multiple port listening server
> *From:* Stratus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Ok. Another question rises : As I have to save to disk every stream 
> received, should I process it on a different 'save to disk' thread, 
> or the internal TSocket buffers can cope the wait?

I have an ICS application that does what you seem to be attempting, it
listens and save data to text files, I've tested it with 260 simultaneous
TCP connections writing 260 separate text files one line per second, all
at the same time, using a single thread.  I've never had a problem
writing files, but opening them can be a challenge particularly is
automated back-up is being used. 


The ComCap package also includes a utility ComGen that will generate up
to 500 simultaneous connections and send lines of data at varying speeds,
very useful for testing servers. 

Both applications use the IP Log Streaming Component in dynamic arrays to
listen and send data, it will save you a lot of time. 


BTW, there is an experimental ICS Multi-Listen Socket Server, that will
listen on an unlimited number of IPs and/or ports, Arno will tell you

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