> Then my understanding from what you have said is that I only get to the
> // check if I need to do something
> when a quit is posted.
> I am running a finite state machine in the execute loop, which marshalls
> responses, checks timeouts etc. If I don't exit the message loop, I can't
do this.

I understand what you mean. I'll try to help you: Writing your state machine
within an event driven worker thread is not different than writing it in the
main thread of a GUI application while maintening the UI responsive. A GUI
application has a message pump just as "MessageLoop" or TWSocket (It is
located in the Forms unit).

You have to design you state machine having events in mind. Use a custom
message to switch form one state to the other. This will makes your state
machine work nicely within an event driven world. The infinite loop of most
finite state machine will simply be the message loop.

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