Here are a few things worth mentionning :-)

As promised long time ago, ICS-SSL is now going public. 
It means everybody will have free access to the source code.
ICS-SSL is nearly finished. It is already used by more than 
150 contributors, many in real commercial application with 
great success.

ICS-SSL would never have happened without all those 
contributors, among two of them I would like to specially 
thanks: Arno Garrels and Angus Robertson. Arno has done a 
really incredible work in designing many parts of ICS-SSL
while Angus has done some development and a lot of
testing and bug fixing. Of course, I would also thanks 
developers that contributed financially. Without that 
money I would not have been able to work as much on the 

The project is not finished ! It will simply now released 
to the freeware community with the secret hope that a lot of
developers will contribute to the development.

SSL enabled components are just the regular components
with SSL code magically inserted using a conditionla
symbol. In short, define use_ssl and suddently your
ICS components are enabled for SSL.

There are some demos in SslInternet folder.

It is not possible to explain everything here. Please use
the support mailing list to ask for help.

Angus Robertson, Arno Garrels and Francois Piette are proud
to announce the new ICS-V7 also known as "ICS for Tiburon".
Actually you need to have access to Delphi 2009 to use the
new unicode features but previous Delphi/BCB versions are 
still OK of course. V7 is at alpha level and currently 
efforts are concentrated on Delphi 2009.
Basically, ICS-V7 is ICS-V6 with partial unicode support.
Currently the components are working mostly as before
while using unicode strings. This will allows you to port
your current applications to Delphi 2009 and of course
write new applications.
We hope to fully support unicode soon. We will be happy
to have help from any ICS community member.

This is the version you should use today or at least very
soon tommorow. Currently there is a release candidate
available for download at

This is the old version. It is still there to support
old applications. Forget it for new one. No new development
will take place and migration to ICS-V6 is easy.


To ease the development, for both ICS and ICS-SSL, there 
is now a SVN repository. Again, I would like to thanks 
Arno and Angus who both made it possible. Angus providing 
the hosting while Arno providing the management.

The repository actually contains ICS-V5, ICS-V6 and ICS-V7.
The SSL stuff has been merged into the regular ICS code
so there is only one code base. The SSL code is compiled
when the symbol use_ssl is defined for your project.

To access the repository, you need to use a subversion
client. For example TortoiseSVN ( 
which is very good and OpenSource. 

Once your SVN client is installed, for ICS-V6 you can 
browse to svn:// or or for ICS-V5 to: 
svn:// or  
ICS-V7 is a part of V6, in ics/branches/icsv7.  All use 
usercode = ics and password = ics for read access.  
Write access is only available to TeamICS.  

SVN works by keeping a local development directory in 
synchronism with the repository directory.  TortoiseSVN 
integrates into Windows Explorer, navigate to the local 
directory to which ICS will be downloaded, right click in 
Explorer and take SVN Checkout, enter the URL from above, 
ensure the local directory is correct and click to 
download the files. Subsequent changes are found by right 
clicking in the root and taking SVN Update which will just 
download anything changed or new. 

You are really welcome to participate in the development 
and submit your fixes and changes. To do so, simply use 
TortoiseSVN "diff file" facility and make your changes 
available somewhere and announce it in the support
mailing list (or mail it to one of TeamICS member).

If you need help, please use the support mailing list.

Best regards
The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

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