> Not many people will still use pre-D2009 compiler to really support 
> international charset more than now (for example for french, 
> unicode is defenitely not needed). 

Currently the v5 and v6 FTP clients do not fully support the French
character set, because many FTP servers only return UTF8 file names,
which means non-ASCII file name characters will be saved as two different

The FTP server currently returns file names with the local ANSI charset,
and clients have no way of knowing what this is.  

It will be many years before all projects created with Delphi 2007 and
earlier are migrated to Delphi 2009 or later, if atall, so support for
UTF8 is far more important in v6 than in v7.  Earlier compilers may not
correctly display all the unicode characters, but at least files will get
correctly transferred without the files names being corrupted or failing
completely (any with ?). 

I expect to use UTF8String internally which is available in all recent
Delphi versions, and on which ANSI string functions cam be safely used,
but the existing String file name properties will remain ANSI for full
backward compatibility.  Not sure about events yet, will probably provide
new UTF8 versions. 


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