> Actually, ICS V5 or V6 FTP server and FTP client works nice with 
> french accented file names. 

Sorry, I disagree, this is the ICS FTP client listing from FileZilla
server, all names are UTF-8, the first one is ANSI only characters, which
can be clearly seen since the character after the escape is unchanged.
The last name is three character sequences.   If the FTP client tries to
download such a file, it will fail.  

type=file;modify=20080806153616;size=200; test £½ ¶ • « ».txt
type=file;modify=20080806153616;size=200; testunicode.txt
type=file;modify=20080806153616;size=200; test▲►▼◄▲►◄.txt

ICS will only work if the server returns ANSI file names.  It may be that
FileZilla accepts ANSI commands as well as UTF-8, as we could, so it may
sometimes appear to work, but properly written clients will fail. 

> It also works OK when client is FileZilla. 

Because the ICS FTP server does not announce itself as supporting UTF-8,
older client supporting ANSI will still work. 

> There are many french ICS users and none have yet 
> contacted me to say it doesn't work as expected.

Maybe they are all using ANSI FTP servers. 

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