Hi All,

What do you think about adding Utf8-support to the FTP components
in ICSv7 for compilers D7 - D2007 as well?

Currently the components treat path and file names as 8-bit ANSI.
This works quite well as long as both client and server use the same
charset or only characters from the ASCII 7-bit range.

Any ideas are welcome. We realy need a solution that works with
Delphi 2009 as well where String maps to an UTF-16 string.

My prefered solution is changing those string-properties to WideString by
introducing a new type alias "UnicodeString" that maps to WideString in 
compilers pre-D2009 and to String/UnicodeString in Delphi 2009 and later.
I think this feature cannot be implemented w/o breaking existing code.
Has anybody experience with WideString? This string type is not reference
counted and may introduce a serious performance penalty.

Arno garrels

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