> Should be worth mentioning that some of this low level stuff won't
> run on Win9x anymore. If you still need to support Win9x ICSv6 and 
> D7-D2007 is the way to go (is this evil?). 

There is also the issue of UTF8 support in ICS V6.  

My current feeling is it's not worth the effort to support Unicode 
in V6, but we should support UTF8 with ANSI characters only.

Currently V6 will not correctly download or upload file names with
non-ASCII characters to FileZilla server, or any other that defaults to
UTF8 on.  

There is a workaround, to send the command 'OPTS UTF8 OFF' when FileZilla
will revert to ANSI mode.  

Translating UTF8 to ANSI and vice versa is not much more complicated. 

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