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> Scrive DZ-Jay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


> > In any case, I'll see if I can do some experiments with IE and Tomcat 
> > and let you know what I find.
> Please wait, I asked to our server admin to prepare a test environment
> public
> available (I need it for myself). Probably it will be ready tomorrow.

I have a public server that show the problem. Who is interested write me an 

I made some test with a test application and IE. The latter works.
Analyzing the communication with WireShark it seems that it works because IE
complete to send the whole body before resend the request including the
authorization info.

At this point the problem seems quite different. The "early" receive of the 401
interrupt the sending of the body. So the server "drop" what receive until the
content length is reached, and then consider the rest as a new request.

I have a modified version of THttpCli that show automatically a user/pwd request
when the status code is 401/407 (and cache it). In fact if I wait to give user
and pwd then it works because in the meantime the whole body is sent.

So the solution seems wait that the body is sent before retrying.

Bye, Maurizio.

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