Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> [...]
>> However, I wonder how this works in practice.  I
>> mean, how do regular browsers deal with it?
> Good question. Someone that know the html can prepare a page with a
> text box where write the content to send and a post button?
> It will be very useful, not only in that case.

I've uploaded a Wireshark dump file:

It's IE trying to upload a file to IIS 5.1 and basic authentication is
required. Logging stopps when the authentication dialog in IE popped
up. There is no chunked encoding used and the connection isn't closed even
though IE sent the content-length. If anybody can read this log, please
post your ideas.


>> The RFC
>> specifically states that if you receive an error
>> after the headers, and you used a Content-Length
>> header, you MUST (their emphasis) drop the connection.
> Should the 401 be considered an error?
>> Perhaps it's done with "chunking"?
> At this point I would like to see how a browser handle this situation
> before going ahead with the component. I'm waiting for an html form
> :-) 
> Bye, Maurizio.
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