Scrive Arno Garrels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> DZ-Jay wrote:
> > we should try to replicate the behaviour in HttpCli: perhaps adding a
> > new machine state that instead of re-sending when 401 is detected, it
> > makes sure that the body has been sent completely, and if not, it
> > delays re-sending until it does.
> My attempt below works with the link Maurizio provided. Don't know 
> whether it works with a proxy and/or NTLM etc. (forgot everything about it)
> so it's most likely buggy but might be worth testing and fixing it ;-)

Unfortunately I'm still using an old version of HttpProt.pas (1.86), and it
seems different from yours, at least in the StateChange procedure. Can you send
your HttpProt.pas?

Are you sure about the SocketDataSent procedure? If len <=0 then the SendStream
has already reached the end. And I would be very surprised if FReqStream has a
size > 0.

Bye, Maurizio.

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