99% of my Delphi work is in Delphi 6.  We use a few ICS V5 components, but
they work so well it is easy to forget they are there.  :)

I'm rewriting one of our utilities and decided to use Delphi 2009.  This
utility used ICS V5, so I'm migrating it to ICS V7.

The utility uses a modified version of TTcpDaemon (TcpCmd.pas) that was used
in the V5 TcpSrv demo project.

A similar unit is not included with V7.  The OverbyteIcsTcpSrv demo in V7
does a lot that TTcpDaemon does, but without using a separate class.  So I'm
wondering why something like TTcpDaemon isn't used anymore.

By simply changing the WSocket* unit references and replacing "char in []"
with "CharInSet", my TTcpDaemon compiles cleanly.  It is a little too early
to know how well it'll work.

I'm just curious if there is some reason I shouldn't use it anymore.  Thanks

Jon Robertson
Borland Certified Advanced Delphi 7 Developer
Good programming is 40% experience, 30% skill, 20% RTFM, 10% caffeine, and
5% attention to detail.
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