> I have a service application with a HtppsCli which has ran fine 
> connecting to a server.

Debugging service applications is a pain.  Experience has shown there are
two ideal way to write service applications with Delphi. 

1 - Write a normal windows executable, with a minimal GUI, I usually just
have a simple caption.  Essentially, any GUI application will run in the
service environment, provided it never displays a interactive dialog.
Then write a service application that runs the GUI, and sends a message
to the GUI telling it when to stop when the service is stopped.  I can
sent you such a service, I've been using them for many years, some run
for several months at a time.  The only possible issue is if the GUI
locks up and has to be stopped with Task Manager, but it's almost
impossible to crash services anyway. 

2 - Use the SvCom service environment, which allows you to create a
application that may be run as either a GUI or service.  


I've used this for one new application, and it works nicely, although I
had to fix a couple of SvCom bugs to make it work.  Support is also
sporadic.  My application (ComCap) has a tick box that self installs or
deinstalls itself as a service, and allows itself to be run as a service
and GUI at the same time, with a socket sending data for display from the
service, and sending back commands. 

Sorry, don't know if Arno's DDService has the same ability, it does not
seem to be on the list, but would be a popular addition. 

My experience is that ICS behaves identically in services and GUIs, the
only development issues are allowing for different file access rights
where services don't have a logon name, or access to mapped drive letters
(without doing it themselves). 


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