> Are the headers always in English?
> I need to search the header for the senders email address to acknowledge 
> the
> alarm. So, I am looking for a starting marker and ending marker for the
> email address.
> Are 'From:' and 'Received:' always in English or will they be translated 
> to
> German if the pop3 server is in Germany?

"From:" header line is generated by the sending application such as Outlook 
and can be anything. Usually it has the form of either a single email 
address or a user name between double quotes and an email address between 
angle brackets. Example: "zayin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>. Somtimes the doible 
around the name are missing. You may also encounter some encoding scheme 
when accented characters are used.

"Received:" header lines is generated by the SMTP servers traversed by the 
message according to the routing rules. Line format has many variations !

btw: Most email client allows you to see the message source. Just have a 
look at a few messages you've received.

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