No problem.

> If you have no control over the client...

Yeah, that is why I went with a message ID number in the body and
instructions in the user manual stating the replay must contain the
unaltered message id line.

Thanks for all your help.

On 10/20/2008 7:03:54 AM, DZ-Jay ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm sorry, I think I mispoke.  I was actually thinking of SMTP
> server-to-server communication, which preserves headers; I'm
> not sure
> clietns would do that.  As a matter of fact, I have a suspicion they
> don't.  I'd try it anyway, just in case.
> However, the problem you have is not having control over the client;
> this is crucial.  If you have no control over the client, you cannot
> guarantee that a response or reply will contain any of the information
> you originally included in your message--headers or content.
> dZ.
> On Oct 20, 2008, at 05:41, DZ-Jay wrote:
> >
> > On Oct 19, 2008, at 08:09, zayin wrote:
> >> The person receiving the alarm will just need to reply to the email.
> >
> > If you include an X-Header when you send the message, the client will
> > probably include it when replying, this is standard behaviour in most
> > clients.
> >
> >> So, it appears I might need to embed a unique string in the body of
> >> the
> >> message and use that to determine the responder.
> >
> > Use an X-Header.  Perform some tests: send a message with a new
> > X-Header and reply from your mail client and see if it's there.  This
> > may b

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