Francois PIETTE wrote:
>> The UTF-8 encoding is IMO best choice. I sent you my class that reads
>> ANSI as well as UTF-8 INI files (with or without BOM for best
>> backwards compatibility), it writes however allways UTF-8, if you do
>> not use characters above #127 UTF-8 is ASCII compatible and those
>> files 
>> could still be read by ICSv6.
> Your class is nice and works well as far as I've seen. Thanks.
> I have another concern: It would be very handy if the same class
> could read the existing ini files (that seems to be the case) AND
> write them if if possible. This would tremendly help those using many
> Delphi versions and using simple ansi values.

What about an option that, if set (default?), would write a UTF-8 line
only if a character above #255 is found? 

Arno Garrels

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