Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>> I have another concern: It would be very handy if the same class
>>> could read the existing ini files (that seems to be the case) AND
>>> write them if if possible. This would tremendly help those using
>>> many Delphi versions and using simple ansi values.
>> What about an option that, if set (default?), would write a UTF-8
>> line only if a character above #255 is found?
> Sounds good.

Found even a better solution, OverbyteIcsUtils.CheckUnicodeToAnsi(),
which works with non-latin charsets as well. 

> Maybe in that case bom would be added.

Yes, the version I just sent to you relies entirely on the BOM, no
smart UTF-8 detection anymore, however that requires to know in advance
whether or not to write a BOM to the beginning of the stream which is
not very fast.       


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