Hello Fastream,

Tested  to  make POP3-SSL tunnel to Gmail like I do with STunnel ...do
not  work, it connect, I see some data exchange in SSL negotiation but
no POP3 welcome banner.


FT> We are developing an alternative "secure tunneling software". Meanwhile the
FT> client side is ready. It is based on Wilfried's excellent Socketspy yet much
FT> enhanced and supports SSL on the outgoing part. It uses single threaded
FT> architecture with async ICS sockets. Performance exceeds 500Mbps on my dual
FT> core 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo system. Hard-coded limit in the beta is 50 concurrent
FT> connections. SSL part supports client certificates. Could yoiu guys have a
FT> look at it and let me know?:

FT> http://www.fastream.net/alpha/SecureTunnelClient.zip

FT> (includes openssl dlls)

FT> Best Regards,

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