FT> Ok I see how you view it. I had read that MS had great plans for Windows
FT> 2008 as a server OS. How do you guys evaluate it? Do you think Linux TCP/IP
FT> is superior or is it just people preferring Linux because it's free?

Linux is free that's true, but it is also prefered for firewall/ssl/ssh
"blackbox" solutions.

FT> Also, Dod, you mentioned stunnel being unstable. What other free solutions
FT> do you have experience with? How do they compare to our ICS-based solution?

I have not tested the other solutions from Kiwi or Barracuda.

The  main  problem I have with stunnel is that sometime the connection
between  client  and  stunnel  goes into timeout and then I must retry
multiple  times  until  stunnel  accept  the  conneciton or stop/start
stunnel  service.  I  have not yet investigated about this problem and
found  a workaround by scheduling an stunnel service's stop/start each
hour (for POP3 usage it's not a problem).

But  this is a personnal experience, I am not SSL or stunnel expert at


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