Hello Fastream,

FT> Ok, is there any way to compile ICS/BCB2009 code for Linux?
FT> I had enabled WSocket::keepalive for the timeout problem!

You should add a setting to specify timeout delay.

I  suggest  you  to  read  stunnel  help page to see what kind of conf
parameters  it  provide,  may be you could implement some of them that
can  also  be  usefull  (they  have multiple kind of TIMEOUT setup for
example that may tune up some delay problems).

But  I  explained  myself  bad  about  my  stunnel problem. The client
connect  to  stunnel but nothing happend until some timeout happend, I
don't  know who decide to drop the cnx and why stunnel do not proceed,
may be because it also get timeout from stunnel->gmail connection side,
this is what I must investigate.

Talking commercial I think you may provide the client part for free so
users  can  use/discover it in conjuction with any SSL server and then
see that you also have a strong Windows SSL server product to sell.


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