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Subject: Re: [twsocket] D2009 does not recognize TSslHttpCli

> It seems that in Delphi 2009 the Rebuild All button does not
> always work as in Delphi 7.

I find this very annoying.
Now, I have to correct this .inc file for every project manually
I'm testing in Resource compiler-->Directories and Conditionals and
Delphi Compiler-->Compiler-->Additional switches to set 'USE_SSL' somewhere 
I'm still struggling with D2009 though: I haven't found a way to edit the 
.dpr file in the editor also :-(

> If you receive ANSI data why don't you convert to UnicodeString?
> The new unit OverbyteIcsCharsetUtils.pas provides functions to get
> the Windows code page identifier from a MIME charset string.
I can check, but I have to be able to send foreign characters to foreign 
computers also which will have a different codepage.
It is sent in the url.
Or doesn't this matter al all ?
Difficult to test here..


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