> Ok, so here is the thing :
> It seems that i have a problem with the thtmlsmtpcli component. I
> have a mail with an html version of the body, a picture used in the
> html code, and an attachment.  
> In this case (attachment and picture used in html part), the
> attachment is not visible with a webmail client. So i generated a
> mail with outlook express, with the same things (a file as
> attachment, and a picture in a html code). The mail from outlook
> express is all visible with the webmail (even the attachment).    
> I compare the both emails, and it appears that they have a different
> structure (i mean boundarys are not the same). 

Yes, that's correct. And if you compose it with ThunderBird it gets a 
different structure again.
HTML mails created by the THtmlSmtpCli are displayed correctly in
both OE and Thunderbird inluding linked inline images and attachments.

Also the webmail interface I use most of the time doesn't have any
problems with  THtmlSmtpCli created mails. That's why I guess that 
your webmail is buggy.
Another webmail interface I use rarely, for example, does not display 
inline images at all, however I can download all attachments as a zip 
file, regardless whether it's from ICS or from OE.
> So, i would just like to know if i'm wrong or not, and if i'm right,
> how to have the htmlsmtpcli to word correctly. Do u think i will have
> to change the source code ? 

I guess you would have to change the source code, however I'm
not yet convinced that this is necessary at all.  

Arno Garrels

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