First, i'm new, so quick presentation : nickname hendrix, programmer for a 
small company unknown. French, so sorry for the poor english. Tryed to ask 
Piette first, but a little busy, then tried to find if my problem was already 
talked here.

Ok, so here is the thing :
It seems that i have a problem with the thtmlsmtpcli component. I have a mail 
with an html version of the body, a picture used in the html code, and an 
In this case (attachment and picture used in html part), the attachment is not 
visible with a webmail client. So i generated a mail with outlook express, with 
the same things (a file as attachment, and a picture in a html code). The mail 
from outlook express is all visible with the webmail (even the attachment).
I compare the both emails, and it appears that they have a different structure 
(i mean boundarys are not the same).
Here is the short version of the outlook express mail (the correct one) :
Content-type (header of the mail) : multipart/mixed
then, i have a first boundary (called A in this exemple). Its content type is 
Inside this boundary called A, i have a second bounadry (called B). Its content 
type is multipart/alternative.
Inside the B, i have a boundary for the text version (text/plain), and an html 
version (text/html).
Still in the B boundary, i have the picture used in the html code (type 
Go back in the A boundary, i have the attachment (application/pdf in my case, 
but can be of course anything else).

Then, i checked the structure of the email created by the thmlsmtpcli 
component. There is a difference : there is one boundary less. Here is the 
short version.
The content type header is multipart/related.
Inside the mail, i have a first boundary (called A here), which content type is 
multipart/alternative. Inside, of course, the both version of the body, html 
and text.
Still in the A boundary, i have the picture used in the html code, and the 
I guess since my mail has only one boundary, which content type is 
multipart/related, the webmail "think" that the attachment should not be 
displayed as an attachment.

So, i would just like to know if i'm wrong or not, and if i'm right, how to 
have the htmlsmtpcli to word correctly. Do u think i will have to change the 
source code ? Did i miss a new version already corrected (but i even check the 
alpha version on François Piette's website, and i have the same result) ? Or 
maybe i'm not using the component correctly ?


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