Sorry for the OT guys, but I'm not getting any response on, and since you guys know your stuff, I'm hoping for 
some tips.

I am using an ADO stored proc to call a stored proc on a MSSQL server.

One of the parameters in the stored proc on the server is a 
Decimal(28,20) but delphi detects this in the parameters list and sets 
it to ftBCD, precision 28, scale of 20.

Now, trying to insert a number of 53.4167098 ends up in the database as 
53.4167, and the profiler captures this as well. So, something happening 
at the delphi end.

I am using Turbo 2006.

I have manually changed the parameter field type to ftFloat in the GUI, 
and also in code just before the call is made to the assignment of the 
value. But still the truncation.

Any ideas guys?


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