> I am using an ADO stored proc to call a stored proc on a MSSQL 
> server.
> One of the parameters in the stored proc on the server is a 
> Decimal(28,20) but delphi detects this in the parameters list and 
> sets it to ftBCD, precision 28, scale of 20.

It sounds like you are using the stored procedure component, and some
data conversion is going wrong.  Unless you are using data aware controls
or something, you can build the command and parameter list for the stored
procedure as a simple widestring and use the EXECUTE method in the
connection to run it.  You can get a result set and read it as string
numerics, to get whatever precision you need.  

ADO only deals in ASCII, not numerics, all conversions to internal SQL
data types take place in ADO or SQL itself, not Delphi. 


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