Thanks for the response.

Yes I'm using the stored proc component. No data aware controls.

So, you solution would be something like creating a string:

exec sp_InsertVehicleData;1 '2009/01/17

which is the command captured with the profiler.

Am I understanding you correctly?



Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>> I am using an ADO stored proc to call a stored proc on a MSSQL 
>> server.
>> One of the parameters in the stored proc on the server is a 
>> Decimal(28,20) but delphi detects this in the parameters list and 
>> sets it to ftBCD, precision 28, scale of 20.
> It sounds like you are using the stored procedure component, and some
> data conversion is going wrong.  Unless you are using data aware controls
> or something, you can build the command and parameter list for the stored
> procedure as a simple widestring and use the EXECUTE method in the
> connection to run it.  You can get a result set and read it as string
> numerics, to get whatever precision you need.  
> ADO only deals in ASCII, not numerics, all conversions to internal SQL
> data types take place in ADO or SQL itself, not Delphi. 
> Angus

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