Ole Braad-Sørensen wrote:

> void __fastcall TForm2::SMTPRequestDone(TObject *Sender, TSmtpRequest
> RqType, WORD ErrorCode)
> {
>> // When arriving to here from "Connect",
>> // the RqType is = 0 and the ErrorCode is = 23396  - :-(
>> // What is ErrorCode 23396 ?  (Guess it is not known)

I have no idea? It's neither a winsock error nor a SMTP status code.
The only error number beyond 20000 I am aware of is set by the 
component internally that is const smtpProtocolError = 20600;

Please show us what is returned (if anything) when you telnet the mail
server from the same machine from where you tried the C++ EXE.
Command prompt: "telnet <hostname> 25".

> The above program is a copy of the MailSnd example, which is in
> Delphi and works great here. But in my "translation" to C++ it do not
> work. I may have missed something or the SMTP thing don't work at all
> in C++. 

Very strange! I just tested again with ICS-V7, CB2007 and CB2009 

Arno Garrels

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