On Mon, 18 May 2009 12:00:01 +0000, you wrote:

>All I can say is that it is working nicely with BCB in my little test
>application. The problem must be IMO something on your side. 
>You can sent me your project if you like by PM so I can test it with my
>clean ICS installation. If the mail server is public please send me
>its address as well.   

Thanks for taking your time to solve this problem.....!

Just made an experiment: Installed BCB2009 on my laptop. No BCB has ever been
there before and I take it as a "clean" machine. Installed ICS on the system and
made a new version of my "email demo". Guess what happened: Got the same error
there :-(

Just before I give up and go back to the working BCB6 in stead.

I would appreciate if you would try my little demo email on your system for
testing. What do you mean by sending it by "PM"...?

The mail server is om my local network and cannot be reached from outside world.

Ole Braad-Sorensen
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