Francois PIETTE wrote:
>> One of my customers reports 99% CPU use and taskmanager claims
>> "Application Not responding".
>> Has anybody seen such high CPU use on 1 GBit LANs?
>> I see 50-60% in my 100 MBit LAN as well. SMTP stuff is done in a
>> worker thread with no logging during Data transfer and the GUI
>> remains fully responsive, so IMO no problem.
> An application which is network bound on a 100 Mbps LAN may become
> CPU bound with a 1GBps LAN. Maybe this is what is happening.
> This is for such kind of application that I introduced throttling
> (bandwidth control) in the HHTP component so that not all CPU is
> consumed because the network has a so high thruput.

That makes me think we need a throttle at the root (TWSocket).
Just switched the roles, installed the mail server on a slow(er) box
and ran the TSmtpCli application on the fast(er) one. CPU use of the 
TSmtpCli application was max 35% whereas the other way around 60%.

Arno Garrels
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