Hello Arno,

1GB  networks  are  very difficult to tune as many hardware behind the
network cards can't handle such high speed, for example hard drives on
"client"  machines  usually  can't handle full 1Gb speed reception and
will  stay  at average 80-100Mb only this making different bottlenecks
on the machine that could go 100% CPU when it should not.

Also  an  other  thing, if you force 10Mb or 100Mb on one side you may
encouter  some  problem  if other side is set to auto-negotiate as the
other side will always try to re-negotiate to higher speed (and them
produce a lot of garbage due to negotiation).


AG> Francois PIETTE wrote:
>>> That makes me think we need a throttle at the root (TWSocket).
>> Would be interesting.

AG> Will think about it.

>>> Just switched the roles, installed the mail server on a slow(er) box
>>> and ran the TSmtpCli application on the fast(er) one. CPU use of the
>>> TSmtpCli application was max 35% whereas the other way around 60%.
>> Try setting the network speed to 10 Mbps (you should be able to set
>> the speed in the hardware config). 

AG> I changed it from Autodetect to 10 MBit/s full duplex. There's now
AG> just 0-1% CPU use and the connection became incredible slow, much too 
AG> slow, that must have messed up something.

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AG> Arno Garrels

>> I guess you'll see a dramatic drop
>> in CPU usage because your app will be really network bound. If this
>> is really the case, the reverse, that is using 1Gbps, will makes your
>> app CPU bound and this would confirm my analysis.
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