I am running an older version of ICS - can't see a version number
anywhere except that IcsDel60.bpl has a file version of

This works fine and I haven't had the need to keep up with current
versions.  Now a major ISP in New Zealand (where most of our users are)
has declared that they will only support SMTP with SSL.

I can see how to download the ICS-V5 distribution from www.overbyte.be
which says it includes ICS-SSL for free.  

If I install this, will all my existing code work or will I have to go
through and redo everything?  I guess I'm asking if the component names
are all the same and with the properties set as they currently are, will
my programs still work as at present.  And I expect that I'll have to
set some new properties for SSL.

OK for Delphi 6?

Trying to gauge the size of the task before I launch into it, so I can
schedule an appropriate amount of time.


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