Jeff Cook wrote:
> I can see how to download the ICS-V5 distribution from
> which says it includes ICS-SSL for free.

Don't use this download but the ICS-V5 Zipped Daily Snapshot:
And download the OpenSSL binaries as well from this page. 

> If I install this, will all my existing code work or will I have to go
> through and redo everything?  

It should not break your existing code, just in case, back up your
current ICS source tree.

> I guess I'm asking if the component
> names are all the same and with the properties set as they currently
> are, will my programs still work as at present.
>  And I expect that
> I'll have to set some new properties for SSL.

Install the SSL package, don't try to install both SSL and non-SSL 
packages at the same time. The SSL package includes the non-SSL 
components as well. 
In order to enable SSL, for instance, with the SMTP component replace 
TSmtpCli by TSslSmtpCli. You MUST add conditional define "USE_SSL" to the
project options as well. 
The SSL components got additional properties, methods and events,
look at the SslMailSnd demo in new sub folder SslInternet.

Arno Garrels

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