Jeff Cook wrote:
> Hi Arno
> You said:-
>> Don't use this download but the ICS-V5 Zipped Daily Snapshot:
>> And download the OpenSSL binaries as well from this page.
> OK, so I have done this and substituted TSslSmtpCli where I was using
> TSmtpCli - I have tested this with no other changes and everything
> performs the same as it did before.
> Now I have to attack the SSL stuff.  Two things ...
> 1.  I downloaded the OpenSSL binaries - but what was I supposed to do
> with them - 

Both DLLs should be copied to the application directory, they have to 
be deployed with your application (including the license text). 

> and did I download the right version?

In doubt use latest version. 

> 2.  There is a bewildering array of properties that can be set for the
> TSmtpCli and I'm hoping that someone can tell me that I just need to
> set X, Y, and Z to get a SSL connection and A, B and C for non-SSL...

Here's the online doku of the SslContext options:
I usually enable the bug workaround options (as included in SSL_OP_ALL)

> All I'm trying to do is enable SSL in my application when the ISP
> requires it.

Have a look at the SslMailSnd demo first. 
The application cannot detect whether SSL/TLS is required.
Only in case the server lists esmtp method STARTTLS in the EHLO 
response you know that explicit SSL/TLS is supported, check property
SmtpTlsSupported after EHLO succeeded.

Implicit SSL/TLS always starts a secure connection after connect,
command STARTTLS is not available with this SSL type.

Arno Garrels


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