I tried synchronous calls now and discovered that event trigger is not
necessary related to UIDL after LIST:

SyncPop3Cli1->Host = "pop3.host.name";
SyncPop3Cli1->Port = 110;
SyncPop3Cli1->UserName = "username";
SyncPop3Cli1->PassWord = "password";
Memo1->Lines->Add("Messages: "+IntToStr(SyncPop3Cli1->MsgCount));

I put this on some button. The first time I call it List works (or if the
program is restarted). The second time I call it, all works except that List
does not trigger events again. Same goes if I replace it with UidlSync,
again works the first time, no event trigger the second time.

Now, unless I didn't do some necessary cleanup between two calls, this
should work when called twice in a row without restarting a program (which
only destroys and creates Pop3 component). So my guess is that there is an
issue related with UIDL, LIST and repeated calls one after another...

I also tried to set or clear event handlers:

SyncPop3Cli1->OnListLine = NULL;
SyncPop3Cli1->OnUidlLine = NULL;
SyncPop3Cli1->OnListLine = SyncPop3Cli1ListLine;
SyncPop3Cli1->OnUidlLine = SyncPop3Cli1UidlLine;

In various combinations, to see if setting or releasing event handler would
do any change - no change.
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