> Thanks for your wiki-input!
> Arno Garrels

Thank you for your answers that helped me. By the way, I suggested to
Francois to install Geshi for code-coloring, if you refresh the page on:

You'll see how it looks much nicer now. The only important things I
suggested already to him is to modify default tab-width to 4 spaces instead
of 8 and to surround code in light-gray dashed border like on many other
wiki-s so that copy-pasting code is easier...

Now the code coloring is a matter of simply pasting it to the wiki and
surrounding it with the tags:

<syntaxhighlight lang="delphi">

for delphi... or...

<syntaxhighlight lang="cpp">

for c++ builder.

So if you changed some of the wiki pages now you can surround it with these
tags and make your code look nicer.

Geshi can also add line numbers and a few more things documented here:

Anyway... more pop3 pages updates will follow... this is just the first one
I did.

Also... if someone is into Delphi and has wiki access, I would suggest to
translate my example code to Delphi. I'm not so much into Delphi so I could
make a messy code when translating it but I'll try to keep examples very
simple and not use c++-ish stuff like ?: and similar so it should be fairly
easy to understand even if not translated to Delphi.
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