OK, I have an issue which I don't entirely understand.

The way to check received pop3 message is to create Pop3CliMessageLine event
and then add Pop3Cli.LastResponse to your own buffer (UnicodeString) and
store that as "email".

However, this creates a bit of a problem - LastResponse is UnicodeString.
Normally, that's fine but the sender may send message in some single-byte
So in order to handle this properly - I'd have to store message as bytes
(raw buffer received from server) and later when reading it read the
encoding from message header and convert bytes to UnicodeString using the
encoding of the message.

But LastResponse is already encoded in Unicode so I don't get raw bytes
output but some converted output using some built in logic which I don't get
it. if I send for example 0x80, 0x81, 0x82 I may not get the identical
result in LastResponse. In fact all the characters above 0x7f may be messed
up. It's ok for ASCII messages but not for others.

So how is this exactly handled and is there a way to receive "raw" bytes
from socket to convert them to proper encoding later after storing them?
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