Hello Zvone,

Yes, the Unicode implementation of the POP3 client is weak.
It converts the bytes received to Unicode with current Ansi
system codepage. This is direct result of ICS rule #1 to not
break backwards compatibility.
However, as long as this codepage was one of the windows-xyz, 
single byte character sets converting back to Ansi with the 
same codepage should work without data loss and give you back
the raw bytes (hopefully). This won't work, for example, with
Japanese locale settings.

Note that in MIME headers 8-bit characters are not allowed! 
Email clients must encode 8-bit characters in header lines 
properly. MIME text parts might include 8-bit characters with 
a charset specified in the content-type header, in those cases
the (AnsiString) text content has to be converted to Unicode 
with the charset specified.  

Arno Garrels 
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