> TBytes was the datatype to be used. However that would break
> backwards compatibility since historically "string" was used everywhere.
> That all was no problem, however the rule is: "DO NOT BREAK BACKWARDS
> COMPATIBILITY" and that is where the problems begin.

Well you've already broken this rule by using UnicodeString as return
type so I don't see a big deal here. Also ICS 7 is used by users that
need to recompile their code in D2009/2010 so they do have to adapt
their code anyway as it won't work properly with D2009 not just with
ICS. For compatibility purposes you have ICS 6 and 5.

And it's not a big problem - I have 2 ideas then to satisfy everybody
and improve codepages compatibility:

Idea 1: Why not introduce TPop3Cli.LastResponseTb which would be
identical to LastResponse except different type (TBytes)?

Idea 2 (probably better one): Why not introduce TPop3Cli.ResponseType
enum which you could choose if you want TBytes or String and the
default if you don't use it would be String for backward

Both changes should be relatively easy to implement like a few lines
of code... and you could apply them for other components as well that
may have issues with Unicode.
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