Windows limit the number of windows handles to 10.000. That's why ICS V7 is
designed to use only one handler for a lot of TWSocket so that you can
create a lot of sockets. Which OS are you using which allows creating
1.000.000 handles ?

Windows 7 64bit with 4GB RAM, and it does allow the creation of 1.000.000 handlers and 800.000 TWSocket instances (After I changed the ICS implementation)

Classes.AllocateHwnd and TIcsWndHandler.AllocateHWnd both use the same API
) to create the handle so both should be able to create the same number of

That is what I was expecting, but not what is happening

The number of TWSocket which can be created also depends on the "non page
memory pool" you OS has. Each socket consume some space there and this space
is not unlimited.

I know it is not unlimited ;)

I will give further details and a sample program
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