I'm still stuck with Delphi 7 at the office, so I don't know if this has
changed during the years.  However, looking at the source code of
TIcsWndControl.AllocateHWnd(), it appears that it's still locking the
resource in order to create new handles.  My guess is, no.

I think that they lock in order to threads to be able to create the handlers, because as I understood they share the handles between classes, which is very very clever, I liked the design, to reuse handles, that is why I can create 130.000 instances of TWSocket! They share resources when they can, because each instance will have a different message number for the same messages, that is a very smart idea and I will try to use the same thinking in my software.

I have already created a class called TSharedTimer, which allows me to create virtually unlimited number of timers, since they will all share the same resource, and it is working pretty fine.

I will try to make something similar to ICS to reduce the amount of handles that I will consume in my software, by sharing the handles and defining different ranges of messages per handle

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