Signed Source® Project wrote:
> On 7.10.2010 20:36, Arno Garrels wrote:
>> Signed Source® Project wrote:
>>> Hi guys,
>>> One more question,
>>> Is it possible to encrypt the connection between the client and
>>> server? if yes,
>>> I would appreciated any help you could provide.
>> Of course it is possible, however it has to be implemented
>> by yourself. You are able derive your own components from TWSocket or
>> from TWSocketClient and override some methods, TriggerDataAvailable
>> and PutDataInSendBuffer should do the trick (untested though).
> Any kind of demos for the person who has never done such things
> before?

No, there are no demos available showing how to encrypt a connection.
How to override a class is not a ICS-specific question but a Delphi or
C++ language question.

Arno Garrels
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