Right now,
I don't think I need to read any books.
I am just trying to understand the demo in the ICS v7 first.

There is already everything I need. I don't need to create any certificates for now.

How can I use the existed certificates in the demo?
When I run the server demo,
There is: 01cert.pem, 01key.pem, cacert.pem --> What are they supposed to do? Are they supposed to be like PUTTY? --> one key for the server and another for the client?

How about this?
Acceptable hosts? -->;
What Acceptable host means?

And at the client part there is a box called "URL",
what that exactly does?

My understanding of SSL,
Server has a certificate,
When the client/clients need to connect server asks for the certificate.
The demo in the ICS v7 isn't asking anything at all!

Understanding the existed demo will help me to understand the whole picture.



On 8.10.2010 15:08, Fastream Technologies wrote:

ICS usermade page has a code called SocketSpy which should be a good
starting point for remote desktop and other tunnels. It is a very simple
proxy server that displays the data passing through it. All you would need
to do is to remove the GUI display, alter  the TWSocket's to ssl'ed tcp
classes. And of course as Francois suggested you should read about certs


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