Forgot to say that the logged status after the call is almost always HttpDnsLookup

and that the exact line in HttpRequestDone is

If (Sender as ThttpCli).State in [httpReady,httpAborting,httpClosing] then
     PostMessage((Sender as THttpCli).CtrlSocket.Handle, WM_QUIT, 0, 0);

I have this code

HttpClient.OnRequestDone := HttpRequestDone;
HttpClient.OnCommand := HttpClientCommand;
HttpClient.OnLocationChange := HttpClientRelocate;

in HttpRequestDone i have the following code

PostMessage((Sender as THttpCli).CtrlSocket.Handle, WM_QUIT, 0, 0);


Sometimes when I check the status after the GetAsync with this code

if HttpClient.State <> httpready
then LogEvent('Execute','After MakeTheCall',StateToStr(HttpClient.State),HttpClient.Url);

I find several entries in the log event, but I have trouble understanding. Can someone give me a hint

As far as I can find the problems begin when the call gets a 302 and in this case the 302 will relocate from www.xxxx to

Tested both in V6 and V7


Found an error in OverbyeIcsHttpProt, not the reason for the error above

line 1760 :
DebugLog(loProtSpecDump, Format('PrepareNTLMAuth end, FStatusCode = %d ' +

should be

DebugLog(loProtSpecDump, Format('PrepareNTLMAuth Begin, FStatusCode = %d ' +

seems like a copy past errror.

seems that the bug is also somewhere related to the NTLM code or call because the icslogger shows the following

- Starting relocation process
- state = httpReady
- PrepareNTLM....
- PrepareNTLM....
- RequestDone <--------------------OOOOpppppsss why is that there?? It will trigger the onRequestDone but at the same time the relocation is still going on because this is the rest of the ics log while I also get the trace from my own software due to the trigger.

- Login
- State = httpDnsLookup

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