Frans van Daalen wrote:
seems that the bug is also somewhere related to the NTLM code or call
because the icslogger shows the following

- Starting relocation process
- state = httpReady
- PrepareNTLM....
- PrepareNTLM....
- RequestDone     <--------------------OOOOpppppsss why is that
It will trigger the onRequestDone

That is intended in case of SetReady was called in StartRelocation or
LocationSessionClosed because LocationChangeMaxCount reached the limit.

It did not reached its locationmaxcount. I think it it a SetReady from

procedure THttpCli.StateChange(NewState : THttpState);

line 1478

           if PrepareNTLMAuth(FlgClean) or
       {$IFDEF UseDigestAuthentication}
               PrepareDigestAuth(FlgClean) or
               PrepareBasicAuth(FlgClean) then begin
line 1534
           TriggerRequestDone;   *************

But I have trouble tracing the exact moment the ready is set.

Question : Before we re-enter login should we not set the state to htttpNotConnected when moving from to ?

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