Server is placed in our office and clients are all around the country in different locations.

Doesn't matter as far as programming is concerned.

Connection from the client to the server will be made by using SSH tunnel (port 22) which will make it safe.

Do not use SSH. Use SSL instead. SSH is an old beast which as been designed for terminal emulation on Unix like system. SSL is a well know secure protocol used everywhere for most sensitive operations (All protocols ending with "S" such as HTTPS and FTPS are using SSL). ICS fully support SSL.

I need my client to be able to send the status of itself to the server like every 10 minutes which will tell to the server if the client is on and okay.

From my server,
I need to be able to send messages to the client such as: reboot machine, change ip addresses, change screen resolution etc.

The whole system will be just for monitoring the clients and I don't need database at all, that is why I was wondering about the database.

Basic operation. See Angus answer.
You have to design your own simple message based protocol and implement both client and server side. Basically it is quite easy. Just ask more questions if you don't know where to start.

Both of the demos are my by you and the versions are,
Server demo:
Creation:     8 december 1997
Version:      1.02
I would be very happy if you could provide me with new demo of this if you think this is too old.

Client demo:
Creation:     8 december 1997
Version:      1.07

OK, but what are the project names ? There are so much. I suggest you start your prohramming from OverbyteIcsSvcTcp.dproj (A windows service) or OverbyteIcsSrvTcp (A GUI application). Both demos are using the same object to implement the server operation. Making them SSL enabled is quite easy but I'm not sure you really need SSL since you design both client and server, you may use basic encryption such as DES which is included in ICS. Depends on your requirements. For client side, OverbyteIcsCliDemo.dproj is probably more than enough to get you started.

I actually couldn't find anything newer in my component package which is the latest just a month old (v7).

Most samples have been created long time ago and maintened. One gold rule with ICS update is "don't break existing code". This means old code still works perfectly :-)

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