Assuming N is the index of the selected client, you send something using
this line of code:
   WSocketServer.Client[N].Send(MyBufAddr, MyBufLnegth);

When sending something back to a client having sent a command, you use the
sender argument of the dataavailable event. This sender represent the
  TWSocket(Sender).Send(MyBufAddr, MyBufLnegth);

And also,
Do I need anthing else for the TWSocket like "OnSendData", OnConnect", "OnDisconnect"? I am sorry to say but this --> WSocketServer.Client[N].Send(MyBufAddr, MyBufLnegth);

I have already tryed this in dozens of ways and it doesn't work --> TWSocket(Sender).Send(MyBufAddr, MyBufLnegth); or I simply can't make it work.

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