On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 2:26 PM, daniel cc <dan...@signedsource.com> wrote:
> Well, without knowing more on your setup, one way I can see to
> differentiate your clients is with their IP. The client IP is
> available in Client[x].PeerAddr.
> My setup?
> I am working on a demo,
> I have memo field where I need to see the number of the client.
Which client ? Like I said, if you have only 1 client, his number will
be 0. If you have more than 1 client, then client 2 will be number 1
since Delphi use 0-based array.

How do you differentiate your clients ?

The server socket will just add all connecting client to the Client
array. You have to know which one is which.

If you only want to send commands to all connected clients, just
iterate over all your clients (like Arno told you) and send the
command to each one.

> If I can get the number of the client than I will be able to do the rest.
> Could you please help me out to get the client number into that memo?

That's what I and others are trying to do.

BTW, I'm not currently using ICS for anything, but I've done a lot in
the past. I'm an ICS user since around 1999 and I can tell you that
it's rock-solid.

I think you should study the TcpSrv demo, as I've learned a lot with it.

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