daniel cc wrote:
>> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> SslWSocketServer1.Client is an array of your clients.
> So if you have 2 clients, the first one is Client[0] and the second
> one is Client[1].
> If you have a third client then he's at Client[2].
> I think you get the picture
> Yes,
> I get the picture.
> so change your procedure to something like this :
> procedure TSimpleSslServerForm.SendCommand(ClientNo: integer);
> begin
> SslWSocketServer1.Client[ClientNo].SendStr(ledSendCommand.Text);
> Display('Command sent: ' + ledSendCommand.Text);
> end;
> How do you set this --> (ClientNo)?
> How do you get the number in here?
> Can you please explain a bit?

What is so difficult? Property Client is an array of currently
connected client objects, property ClientCount returns the number 
of objects in that array. You work with it like with a standard 
Delphi TList as well. For example, in order to iterate over all
client objects:

  Cli: TWSocketClient;
  for i := 0 to WSocketServer1.ClientCount -1 do
    Cli := WSocketServer1.Client[i];
    if Cli meets some condition here then
      Call some Cli.method;     

However usually a protocol follows the request/response pattern.
That is client requests something and server responds to that
client request, usually there's no need to iterate over the client
list or to search for a particular client object.

Arno Garrels
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