What is so difficult? Property Client is an array of currently
connected client objects, property ClientCount returns the number
of objects in that array. You work with it like with a standard
Delphi TList as well. For example, in order to iterate over all
client objects:

The difficulty is that I am quite lost with this and can't find a way of sending command to the client of my choice.

 Cli: TWSocketClient;
 for i := 0 to WSocketServer1.ClientCount -1 do
   Cli := WSocketServer1.Client[i];
   if Cli meets some condition here then
     Call some Cli.method;

Where do I call this exactly?

During the send? or receive?
Or a spearate procedure? how?

The problem here is,
You guys are treating me like an expert and I just don't understand half of the things what you are saying.

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