Got the first server working now, so that is fine.


Despite of the demo's i see for ADO and BDE, i am using another database (absolutedatabase :, which is a BDE replacement.
Is this just as easy to connect as the examples that are included with Midware,
or do i need to create my own 'BDE' serverobject?

Yes, it is just as easy with any database component. Midware at server side is simply not concerned by the component you use. Use whatever you like ! And client side is completely independent of what you use at server side.

Please not that many developer are falling in a frequent design error when dealing with multitier: they are transporting SQL request from client to server. This works of course but this is really not the design for 3-tier programming. Transporting SQL request is simple 2-tier (classical client/server).

To really befenit from 3-Tier architecture, you have to think at a higher level. The client do not "know" anything about database, storage and similar topics. It only "knows" about high level concepts of curse much of these high level concept can be expressed as SQL request, but don't do it at client side ! All SQL must go to server side. The client must not know the database, the tables, fields and indexes ! It only knows things such as "GetClient" and how to pass parameters which refines the search, it knows about "SaveDocument" and send the document. The server know where and how the documents are stored and what has to be verifyed to accept a document.

Best regards,
The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

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