OK all you clever people out there this is my current problem.

I have an application that connects to a newsroom computer system (NCS) via
FTP. I have a server in my office and use the ICS FTP client to make the
connection. LIST commands, RETR commands etc. are going on pretty well all
the time. In addition to this, the application is sending and receiving data
via USB to some proprietary hardware. With my simple network which just
consists of a few computers on a Workgroup, every thing is perfect. FTP data
is loading to the application and USB data is flying back and forth.

However at the customers site (big TV news station), all changes. The
symptom I get is that when I turn on the FTP and start getting data, somehow
the application can at times no longer get data from the USB quick enough. I
found that I was sending more data up the USB than was necessary and when
this was fixed the system at the customers site worked perfectly.

Now the bad news. The customer needs proof that it is the FTP or something
to do with the network that is causing the problem. Somehow I need to be
able to replicate his problem on my system. I have tried playing with the
ftpBandwidthControl and the BandwidthLimit, but cannot seem to make it do
much. The customer suggested I should be able to throttle the data. Is this
the same thing or something else I can try.

Is it possible that the FTP transactions can, for whatever network reasons,
hog the CPU resources so that my application cannot get access to the USB

Any help much appreciated.


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